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Waste cooking oil service

providing waste oil collection

Key Energy specializes in waste cooking oil recovery, and we collect and process every drop in North Carolina. Key Energy does not claim to be the first company of its kind, and we did not create the biodiesel market. We do pride ourselves on providing restaurants, groceries and other institutions with excellent, locally grown waste cooking oil collection service in our ever expanding service area.

environmentally conscious

As customers of Key Energy, you can be certain that your waste cooking oil will be collected, processed and delivered to its end user in the most safe and environmentally conscious manner. Our collection equipment, waste oil collection containers and processing facility are well maintained and state of the art. We welcome you to come and visit our facility to see how it is possible to operate cleanly in the waste industry.


Oil Pickup

We understand that your food service operation requires your attention and dedication. Key Energy prides itself on properly scheduling every customer for waste cooking oil pickup based on their individual volumes and needs. You will not have to monitor the level or available capacity of your collection container. That is our job. If you have a food service operation in North Carolina, we have a proven routing and scheduling system and the properly sized collection container to meet your needs.

grease trap.jpg
Grease Trap Service

Key Energy has partnered with reputable companies throughout our service area to provide quality grease trap cleaning service to our customers. Call Key Energy so we can send a service technician out to assess your needs and give you a free quote for the service.

Line Jetting & Cabling

Key Energy has partnered with quality line jetting companies within our service area to provide this service to our customers. Just call us and we will find the most qualified and affordable service company for your needs.



Humanity has been rendering fat from vegetables and animals since long before the whalers cooked down whale blubber in the try works located on the actual whaling ships. No one operating waste cooking oil facilities today has a claim to being the original entity that started the industry. We at Key Energy look at our business as a service to the food service industry. We strive to provide the best on time environmentally friendly service in our area of operation. If we make a mistake, we have the desire and the management team to correct the issue and make sure the problem never arises again.




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